A play about extinction and queer desire. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dawn Petten in The Frank Theatre workshop of Buffalo Girls, 2015


 Buffalo Girls: Remix is scheduled for production with Frank Theatre and in Vancouver in 2017. The play is being directed by Diane Roberts and stars Tasha Faye Evans, Dawn Petten, Marci T. House and Bill Marchant. The writing of Buffalo Girls: Remix has been supported by both the BC Art Council and the Canada Council. The development of the script has been supported by the Playwright’s Theatre Centre , Playwright’s Colony and by She Said Yes Theatre’s , Mail Order Dramaturgy program. 


Extinction threatens.

 Trapped in a failing three-ring circus stranded on the plains, three mannish women gamble on fantasies of escape. Absurdist comedy, cabaret and circus collide in a play that attempts to resurrect the dead, save rare beasts from extinction and to question our human ability to deal with freedom should it be delivered to us.

 Based in the stories of queer and queerish women from British Columbia history and set in the landscape of the western plains, we find these three mannish women performing as freaks of nature in a seedy circus, doing acts whose entertainment value is questionable at best. In the day, the women perform their circus acts and at night they plot escape. As they prepare to attempt a break-out, they are sidetracked by fantasy, alcohol and gambling, by melancholy and doubt, and by their need to compete with one another. And of course by the ringmaster, who needs the women in order for the circus to survive.