Ilse, partying in the Eurovan with the Oxygen Orkestar

Ilse, partying in the Eurovan with the Oxygen Orkestar

Dark, queer and incorrect, these shows range from one woman shows to shorter bits and full length cabarets featuring a cast of thousands. Sometimes I was just the writer, more often writer and performer. 

Aliens with Benefits: A Cabaret for the Previously Existing Human Condition, Oxygen Art Centre Cabaret, Nelson, BC, 2017

Fruits in Chechnya, NYET Again: A Cabaret of Concerned Canadians, Zee Zee Theatre, Vancouver, BC, 2017

Dear Roosya, Love Letters to Russia,  Frank Theatre, Vancouver, BC, 2014

                           Dermitt (I Am Not a Homosexual) McDougall

                           Dermitt (I Am Not a Homosexual) McDougall

Stockholm Syndrome,  Oxygen Art  Centre  Cabaret, Nelson, BC, 2012

On The Road to Salmo,  Oxygen Art Centre Cabaret, 2011

Special Delivery: Terror,  Oxygen Art Centre Cabaret, 2010

Eurotrash Pleasure CentreOxygen Art Centre Cabaret, 2009

Bedtime Stories for Bad People,  Oxygen Art Centre Cabaret, 2009

Dermitt Does Obama,  Oxygen Art Centre Cabaret, 2008

  Love Mitten Does Gender, P Power Performance Festival, San Francisco,  Artist Television Access, San Francisco, CA 2001 

You've Got Talent - keep at it.

You've Got Talent - keep at it.

Dermitt Does Vegas,  Luna Sea, San Francisco, CA, 2000

Early Warning SystemsDisputed Territory Festival, Luna Sea, San Francisco, CA, 1997

Love Mitten Does MichiganWest Coast Women’s Music & Comedy Festival, Yosemite, CA, Wild Tongue Comedy Victoria, BC. 1996

Theories of Commodification, Focus on Women Festival, Victoria, B.C. 1996.