MILK CAN ESCAPE is a new work about loneliness, adoption, secrets. It isn't really a play. But these people want to talk to you.




I’m not going to lay it out. I’m not going to anticipate. Close my eyes. Yes. Close. There, this is darkness. Okay.

Opens his eyes.

Here we are.

 He smiles.

Don’t anticipate.

A sacred institution. Family. Why are they banging at the door? Breaching the walls? Why want in?

 Smiles again.

Paula told me to be careful. With her. That she was a stallion. I said stallion? That’s a male horse. She said whatever. I said, no, a male horse.

Take it as it comes.

Good Friday. Bad Monday.

Here is a rope. (pulls out two short ropes) Watch carefully. (whispers to himself) Be careful with me, I am a stallion!

He does trick. Rope becomes one.

 There. Escaped.