Letters From Lithuania was an outdoor, site specific interdisciplinary performance production about family history and displacement.  This work was set in, around and aboard the miniature train in Stanley Park, and combined Mortal Coil’s grand scale of theatrical practice with the Eastern European musical repertoire of vocal ensemble Zeelia.

Bessie Wapp in Letters From Lithuania

Bessie Wapp in Letters From Lithuania

In this production, the audience travelled by train and by foot through a surreal forest of secrets and memories. Through theatre, song cycle, puppetry and stilt work, the show unfolded the remarkable true story of how one man’s fear kept news of survivors of World War II sealed in envelopes and unread for 20 years, and what eventually transpired to reunite the family.

Letters From Lithuania was produced by Mortal Coil Performance Society,  August 21-31, 2008 in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The production was directed by Peter Hall and Joanna Garfinkel, written by Nicola Harwood, based in an original concept by Bessie Wapp.