Bessie Wapp, Nicola Harwood and Judy Wapp created Hello I Must Be Going in 2006 during a residency at Oxygen Art Centre. Hello I Must Be Going was written by the artist team, directed by Nicola Harwood and performed by Bessie Wapp. The show explores the stories of five generations of women from the Wapp family who were affected by war. The production played 34 shows in the BC Interior (2006) the Chutzpah Festival in Vancouver (2008) and B.C. schools (2009).

"We would like to thank you for the art and passion and clear voice that you collectively brought to last night’s affecting performance. It was very real and tragically all too ongoing.  The horrors and injustices continue, the ironies seemingly lost on those now involved. “Freedom for whom?”  Indeed.

We talked late into the evening, finally deciding that if there is hope, it’s in the love you spoke of, and in the voices such as your own, reflecting ourselves back to us – asking the questions, pointing out the contradictions, expressing the great human loss, and all for what? – and of course the many, many individuals around the world who, like you, are working to find new possibilities. There remains such a great deal of work to do, but perhaps we can take strength from each other.

On an artistic level, the script and performance were magnificent.  Bravo. We shall be talking to our friends along your tour route."